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I really hope through this platform that I can welcome you into the life of a second career man, who is now in the seasoned veteran stage of his life (note seasoned just means I am older and have seen a lot… not one with all the answers). I hope through this view into my life and musings that I might help some folks think more fully about this wonderful, and oft challenging, thing we know as church. Now don’t move on too quickly!! Let’s talk about something that is so important, yet often so misunderstood. Not only misunderstood but too often based out of and lived out more by what leaders of this thing called church have seen from other “successful” churches and church strategies.
Now let me clarify… this should not become a church bashing thing. After all the church, as I believe those who are followers understand it, is the representation of our savior on this earth…. along with being called the hope of the world!! Seems kind of important to stay more on the high road of this. Of course to find the high road we need to see where we are at… recently I was introduced to a book titled Joining Jesus on Mission… and in that book there was a chapter titled, “The River Moved” and the accompanying picture with this post kind of says it all

If we can’t see that the river has moved how can we truly respond to how His church continues forward to being the bridge to people who don’t know… or maybe have walked away from the church. Seems like an important thing to delve into. I said I am a second career man… my first half of my work life was in the field of horticulture… then God called me from working with plants (which I often really miss) to working with people. I have served for a denomination as a trainer for churches to build small group ministries at their church… as well on two different church staffs… as an Outreach Director, and a Pastor of adult discipleship… and actually am now being posed with the possibility of joining another church staff in the area of encouraging discipleship. Thus one of the first titles I thought of giving this blog was… “Maybe The Third Time Will be a Charm!!” I look forward to being able to not only put this seasoned veterans thoughts out there but to open up important discussions about what building that bridge can look like as we truly find out where that river has moved to… to the glory of God!!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog

  1. Bravo! I’m so glad to see you here, writing and sharing your observations. Keep it up my friend. The river moved…the picture makes me chuckle and also makes me sad.


  2. As I read your writings on the subject of the river moving, I was struck by the thought of our changing culture. As our culture around us changes, it seems like the “Modern Church” is always seeking new and novel ways of reaching out to a society that is interested in Entertainment and Programs. Our church services are becoming more and more like giant movie sets, with multi-media presentations, and giant sound systems. All with the intent on capturing the interest of a culture that is mesmerized by their phones, and have the attention span of a young child.
    While we want excellence in our teaching, and competence in our music; the church need not worry itself in trying to capture the attention of the river (Our Culture) that seemingly has moved on. The church may seem quaint to some; maybe outdated to others, but to those who are being saved, it stands through all time and space; rooted in eternity, terrible as an army with banners! A spectacle that makes the demons quake and uneasy*. Unfortunately, most modern church’s don’t even merit their attention.
    As Billy Graham did; he kept it simple. Just the Gospel. It is the power of God unto Salvation.

    * Flowery language furnished by C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters


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