Because of what He has already done!!

Being it is Labor Day… I am going to honor it for the holiday it is … that is to honor the working force, and really the idea of work (which doesn’t have to be a bad word… and in fact is part of what God made us to do!!). So to honor this day I am not going to labor too long on this weeks’ post. I hope and pray you are finding ways to celebrate the day as well and enjoy a little down time with family and friends!!


In last weeks’ post I put before you the war cry that we should adopt as those who desire to follow Christ and that is “Die to Live”. This is where we find true freedom!! It is as we die to self and live for others that the work of love really becomes a true expression. In this last series of posts I have been more specifically been pointing at the men to take on the work of building relationships with other men as the main body of work to encourage each other along in our walk with the one who brings hope and freedom.

As I have opportunity to meet with men who lead the charge for ministry to and through men… I almost always remind them of a very important statement I heard years ago from Crawford Loritts as he referred to how men can build these important relationships with other men.


In reference to finding a man who is stuck in life he said, “you first have to let a man know that you love him, before you can get in his grill.”


You see both parts of this statement are imperative for truly building a relationship with a man that will be of help. I have seen all too often that one or the other is done… a man is cared for, that is he is heard and loved but then the work is stopped there. But the real work of caring for that man is not really finished… and the harder work of the relationship is left unfinished. On the other side of that I have seen plenty of men start with another man by getting into his grill… but having built no basis for having a voice in this man’s life this will not be received well and actually could be more detrimental to his process.


So I say this to encourage men who are further down the road in their understanding of how Christ has loved us. To follow this 2 pronged path (and yes you can love another man!!) to bringing healing and freedom in another man’s life. The problem is not finding men who are stuck… they are all around us. Stay in tune with who God is putting before you and follow God’s approach to us into the lives of other men and watch what He does through them!!


2 You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.                                                                                             2Timothy 2:1-2

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