About my blog…
You might note that in the title to my blog I have the word wrestling and I think it is on that word that I hope to give you a little glimpse into what these blog posts are about. I have come from a career that I completely enjoyed and felt it fit who I am, kept my interest, and yes even gave me glimpses into who God is. I was called out of that career in horticulture after about twenty years into a career in church ministry. I have served for our denomination and on two different church staffs, encompassing almost another 20 years of my life. Let me say this… I love His church!! Which in and of itself is a statement that needs to be dissected a bit (don’t worry we will talk some about that).
Church has been an important part of my life since growing up in a small town in a family of 9 (two parents and 7 kids). Obviously over that time my involvement and understanding of church has evolved. As I begin this blog the word wrestling is very appropriate, and I will go farther with that thought I believe it is exactly what we as Christ followers should do. The word that I feel is opposing that (and one that I am much more concerned about) is one of settling… and I am obviously in these posts going to be taking a look mainly at the church in America, in which it seems to me settling has been the more common approach.
It is interesting to note that in the last number of years a new category of church folks has been coined and it is a group known as the doners… and it appears to be growing. A “doner” is simply someone who has been an active member of a local church for a number of years, but has gotten so fed up with how the church has been functioning and it’s little impact on communities that they have walked away. They have not walked away from their faith, and in fact are finding other ways to live that out (as the church), but are not buying into an established church (as we have known them for so long).
Wrestling vs. settling!! What will it be? Through these posts I hope you will wrestle with me… not as one who has all the answers… but more as a people who so desire to truly be that representation of Jesus Christ on this earth together!!!

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