Wrestle With Me

Wrestling vs. Settling!! What will it be? Through these posts I hope you will wrestle with me. Not as one who has all the answers, but more as a people who so desire to truly be that representation of Jesus Christ on this earth together!

Comfort or Uncomfortable?

In my last couple of posts I have written about this idea of true freedom and how that comes in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Then not only how it comes but then how it is expressed!! Interestingly, yesterday I heard two different pastors talk about making the folks they were speaking to “uncomfortable”. Not … Continue reading Comfort or Uncomfortable?

The Battle for our Time – Life Together!!

As I mentioned in a previous post my wife and I definitely believe in the power of what can happen in the life of a small group. This was evidenced by the many types of small groups we have been a part of through our years… and still are a part of today. ---------------------------- One … Continue reading The Battle for our Time – Life Together!!